Miranda Pherigo 2021 2022 LW Westfall Teacher of the Year


It is with tremendous joy that we introduce the 2021-2022 LW Westfall Teacher of the Year. It is a prestigious honor to be named as the Westfall Teacher of the Year because it comes directly from this dynamic faculty.  Here are a few things the faculty wrote when nominating this year's teacher of the year. 

“She is flexible, loving, helpful, and always helping her coworkers! 

She is the epitome of flexibility and the best team player. She shows everyone around what the “Westfall Way” looks like. 

She plays many roles this year and always has a great attitude. 

She will do anything for her students.

She has stepped up and filled in a much needed teaching slot even though she already has many obligations to fill. I know her to be a wonderful and gracious person. She always has a smile and has shown great kindness to all staff and students.

She has a true heart of service. She goes above and beyond, not only for the kids, but for the staff. She wears so many hats and serves so many people and she does it with a smile. She builds relationships with everyone around her and that

provides a safe, loving environment for learning. 

It is my great honor to introduce the 2021-2022 LW Westfall Elementary Teacher of the Year Mrs. Miranda Pherigo.